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When MTS particle Technology GmbH was founded in 1989, we knew that the patented 3D  sensor systems were perfect for significant productivity and quality requirements. Today, we know more than ever that we designed to more than meet our individual solutions, on the specific wishes of our customers, the needs of the present and the future, in particular with regard to improved results at reduced cost structure.

MTS particle technology is established with innovative products on the international market with its highest quality and reliability standards.

Because MTS particle technology can solve problems differently than previously known - without sampling and completely insitu!                       Our responsibility

Our solutions by high-tech ORM sensor technology can now reach customers worldwide and include the measurement of many products.

We are specialized in a team of engineers, technicians, computer specialists and physicists, and on creative and innovative solutions. Based on our many years of experience in particle measurement technology, we develop and produce unique solutions, tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Let yourself be infected by our enthusiasm for innovation and learn more about the 3D technology from MTS particle technology ORM. 

Tell us about your challenges and aims, we shall sit together and find the solutions with MTS particle technology!


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