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Particle Characteristic Analyzer ( PCA )

technical specification:

 measuring range:  2 to< 600 µm
 temperature range:  minus 20° to 145°C
 pressure range:  vacuum up to 30 bar
 diameter sensor process side:  18 or 25 or 30 mm
 sensor length at the"wet" side:  260 mm; optional bis 350 mm
 sensor material:  stainless steel 1.4571; C22
 scan speed: 1 m/s  optional  2m/s


  • high concentrations possible
  • measurement times of 1 ... 300 sec
  • all particles are counted and displayed as a number distribution, length distribution, surface distribution or volume distribution
  • highest selectivity and sensitivity among original production conditions
  • increasing the safety during scale up and production
  • accelerated product development
  • all sensors are in the off state up to 145 ° CM in situ sterilisable


  • in-situ stability control in production
  • inline product monitoring in real timeo
  • online quality assurance
  • optimization of solid quality and purity
  • increase productivity in the development of new formulations
  • process transparency and safety 24h, 365 days a year


  • stability tests of Disperse phases
  • optimization of grinding processes
  • flocculation
  • resolution
  • dispersion
  • agglomeration of particle systems
  • homogenization
  • release
  • granulation
  • precipitation
  • polymerization
  • crystallization

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